kąty dance

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is a figural folk dance modelled after court dances. It was first developed in the region of Pieniny mountains. In other regions, it functions under the name “krzyżok” or “krzyżak” (cross), which stems from the way krzyżak is danced, i.e. with couples passing each other or approaching each other “crosswise”.

Kąty – krzyżok is a two-part dance played in the odd meter at a moderate tempo. Kąty – krzyżokʼs basic step is walking on slightly bent knees. Most often, kąty – krzyżok was danced during wedding ceremonies by the guests of honour. The host of the wedding would invite four chosen couples to the corners (pl. kąty) of the room, thus initiating the dance. The elements borrowed from court dances that we can find in kąty – krzyżok are, among others: dignified small movements, bows, approaching each other and walking away from each other in couples, walking “crosswise” under “arches” created by the dancers raising their joined hands as high as possible to allow one or more couples to pass between them, under their arms.

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A frequent measure used in dances similar to kąty – krzyżok is the transition carried out in the 2nd part of the dance, where the couples come to a closed circle using the polka steps.