siódymka (seven) / lendler

Music for download – „Siódymka-Landler"

Siódymka belongs to the group of dances that in the Wielkopolska region are called “przybysze” (newcomers). They were brought to Poland from the West, mainly from Germany, Holland, Austria and Sweden and adapted to the needs of the local folklore, hence their new names. The choreographic and melodic layer of siódymka dance has its roots in the Biskupizna region and in Bukówiec Górny, where it functions under such names as duda, luter (Luther) or puszczany. 

Siódymka has a simple choreographic structure that is easy to perform. It is based on the combination of steps including step touch and rotations – performed in couples) around a circle or along the radius of the circle and ended with a stomp. Siódemka is usually played in double metre (2/4) at a rather lively tempo. In the Wielkopolska region, it was danced during wedding ceremonies, rituals or village parties.