polka drobna

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is one of the most popular dances in Poland, present both in the countryside and in the city. The greatest popularity and variety of polka can be found in the Małopolska region (Lesser Poland) and the Podkarpacie region. The most popular regional varieties of polka are: polka bez nogę (a polka across the leg – with a rotation made on the side stepping leg), tramelka – shaking polka (featuring a slight trembling of knees), gładka polka (smooth polka, with sliding steps), polka cięta (cut polka, with very fast steps), polka chodzona (a walking polka), polka galopka (with jog), hura polka (with large and skipping steps), szurok polka (with sliding foot slide) and polka-sztajer (polka with the use of a step from sztajer – slow folk Styrian dance).
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It can be danced in any number of couples, which are spinning along a circle either “with the sun behind them” or “facing the sun”. The direction of the dance is changed at the call of one of the dancers. Shaking polka has many regional names and varieties, but the way of dancing is the same or very similar in each of them. The so-called “dryganie” (skipping) done by bending the knees is a characteristic feature of polka trzęsiona. “Dryganie” is done throughout   the whole dance, causing a delicate “shaking” in the whole body. The course of the dance and its variation depends on the way the dancers make the basic step, as well as on the local musical traditions.