the small step polka to the left

Music for download - "Polka drobna w lewo"

Polka is one of the most popular folk dances in Poland. In different regions of Poland, however, polka developed into different local variants, reflected in the name of the dance. The small step polka to the left comes from Rzeszów. It is a two-part lively dance in double meter (2/4) and can be danced by any number of couples that revolve around a circle.

Polkaʼs choreotechnique is characterised by a relaxed body, and during most of the dance, the dancers use the so-called “shuffle step”, in which the knees are slightly bent and the soles of the feet are gliding on the floor. An upright position with a slightly raised head is also an important element of this dance. Quite often, the dancers also use the characteristic movement of waving the hand in the air, in a way that symbolises greeting other dancers.

Polka is also known for its accented steps including jumps, stamps, hitting the knee with the hand, shouts, whistles and calls of various types, such as: “równo chłopoki, a równo” (evenly, dear lads, evenly), “na odwyrtke” (backwards), “pod wykrętke”. The Polka owes its popularity to the great freedom of interpretation and improvisation.